Your Dreams Do Have an Expiration Date

Your Dreams Do Have an Expiration Date – Because time waits for no one!

Dreams, we all have them.

 Every heard someone say they want to travel around the world but years later still talking about it! 

Do you have an old friend or older relative you wanted to visit but waited too long and the visit only happens upon their death.

Did you at an earlier age have an aspiration to have a higher education, possibly have kids or maybe just make more money?

The only limitations are the ones we put on ourselves!

I have heard people indicate answers like a few of the ones below.

  1. Now is not a good time.
  2. Things are bad at home.
  3. It is too much work.

 So what is holding you back?

Quit often it is mindset and simply making the time..!  

I can find time in every day for just about any person. There are very few exceptions where some does not have 30 minutes to do something to help better their life!

What if I could put personal development tools in your hands for just 33 cents and day? I am talking high quality material by professionals. Simply stated $9.95 a month! 

What if you could have this information at your fingertips daily through a mobile device or any computer to expand your mind and help you move forward?

What if I told you the information is so valuable that millions of people will want access and if you would simply share, you could get paid!

This is the mission of two very smart individuals, John Rodgers and John Marr-CEO of Savage Apps.

  • Provide Personal Development Information that is truly life changing.
  • Deliver it through a mobile application which is the next technology phase. Mobile apps are cool.
  • Pay people to share information so it will spread to millions.

Are you ready to have a better life?

Time, money and freedom really are obtainable!

Become part of our growing family!

 Go see how now by clicking….> RUN WITH THE LEADERS!

I will see you on the best beaches in world.  

Your Dreams Do Have an Expiration Date

Your Dreams Do Have an Expiration Date

Steve Schellert



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Business Entrepreneur and optimistic thinker! Continuing to develop ways to make multiple streams of income online! Personal goal is to see the world. I do not want to have anything left on my bucket list. Truly want to live with no regrets. One of my favorite quotes: "Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to."
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