Want to Know Where the Real Money Is?

Where is the real Money?

I get so many people who ask “where is the real money” that I truly want to explain.


There are two basic markets in Network Marketing.

The information market and the product based market. Each has good points but one has an advantage for long-term residual income.

I have mixed feelings but can tell you from experience because; I work in both markets! If you go to my web site to review the programs I endorse, both markets are represented.

  • The information market general sells systems to help you how to market, systems to generate leads, tools to drive traffic. This could even be a blogging platform.
  • The product based market has consumables.  A consumable is anything that is re-ordered. Consumables can food, health shakes, protein bars, vitamins, coffee, cell phone service, weight loss, beauty aids, other house hold products, insurance and more.

The information market is great because we all need tools to build our business. Most information marketers sell you a program they believe will help you make BIG MONEY and there are there are a few out there that deliver. There also are many that are an absolute waste of money!

Many have membership fees that continue month after month because they are affiliate programs also. That means if you can get others to join, you can make a paycheck from getting others to participate. Sounds great but if others don’t join and purchase your program, and coupled with a monthly fee, it is just like pay the utility bill or any other bill in your house. Comes month are month and once you have learned and obtained the benefit of the program it is just a re-occurring bill.

Most people will quit this kind of program within 60 – 90 days. Hard to make any real income if people will not join or stay with program.

Product based marketing is different. If people like the product even if they got into the business to make money, and they don’t, they often stay. If you’re selling coffee, wine of the month, cell phone service, vitamin, alternative food choices, house hold consumables these get re-ordered if they like the product.

If you are a coffee drinker, are you going to stop drinking coffee? The answer is no!  If you are part of a wine club and they send you a different selection each month and you enjoy drinking the wine plus can afford it, will you quit? Generally the answer is no! How about your cell phone? If you a getting a service at a better price, are you going to give back your cell phone if you don’t make money in the program? Generally the answer is no! How about if you save several hundred dollars off your insurance? Generally if it is sold at a better price, you will reorder!

Product based programs make money plus the retention rate is much better because people are getting something for their money and if you truly have a better product they like that is prices fairly, people generally will re-order. I have products I reorder month after month even though I am not building that business.

With a higher retention rate, you can start building your long-term income.

I encourage you to go look around at my site. Go through all the tabs plus scroll down and review past blogs.

If you are in the information market and making money consider adding a product based program as part of your overall income stream.

I am endorsing a program that is sweeping the MARKET making ground fast!

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