What is water to our bodies? 

What is water is pretty hard to accurately describe from the scientific point, so the simple answer is water is the fluid our bodies need to operate!

Benefits of Drinking Water

WHAT IS WATERThe body is made up of nearly 70% water?

Water is vital to the human body, central to almost every physical and mental process, and the health benefits of drinking plenty of fresh water are striking.

You hear it every day!

Growing up, my Mom, Coach in High School continually tried to force it down your throat. I’ve realized how right they were. Water can benefit you so much. Whether it is weight loss, beauty or improved health you are seeking, water is the solution. Let’s explore just how great water is for you.

Water is the best thing you can put in your body!

Trying to lose weight but struggling?

Water is the essential nutrient. All chemical reactions in the body depend upon it. If you’re trying to lose weight, this can’t be ignored. You won’t be able to lose weight without water to flush out the by-products of fat breakdown. When there isn’t enough water to dilute the body’s waste products, kidney stones may form. When the kidneys aren’t working to their full potential, the liver must step in and help. Once this happens the liver can’t optimally perform its other important functions. As a result, burning fat has to wait.

You should consider not drinking coffee. Coffee is a diuretic which flushes water from your system.

Eliminate soda, canned beverages, alcohol and fruit juice. Yes I said fruit juice…!  This is because calories from beverages not burned can be converted by the body and stored as fat. Our bodies were not made to take in sugary drinks.

Want to cut out 1000 calories a day?  Cut out beverages and drink water!

Replacing sugary drinks with water can also help prevent metabolic disorders, can automatically reduce your risk of diabetes.

Drinking water can reduce hunger!

Experts say that hunger pangs are often misinterpreted cravings for water. Try drinking water before your regular meals and see if it helps you cut down on the amount of food you eat.

Getting enough water has noticeable visible effects like glowing skin, glossy hair, and a leaner physique through better muscle tone (proper hydration helps balance your system and promotes weight loss), plus help in the creating stronger bones and healthier organs.

More Benefits of Drinking Water  

Increasing your water intake can make you feel better overnight. Brain tissue is more than 80% fluid, so drinking plenty of water helps to keep your brain functioning plus keeps your mind strong and alert. Your productivity increases when water continually flows through the body.

Water is energy….! The minute you become dehydrated, you can feel tired, stomach or headache can occur, perhaps lack of concentration. Water helps the cells to function correctly. The minute you feel tired, drink a glass of water and watch the benefits it has on your energy level. The natural thing to reach for is something with caffeine. Next time, reach for water and see how much your energy increases throughout the rest of the day.

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