What does it take to win

Will you have the heart and desire to win?

heather_dorniden - what does it take to win

To win you must be willing to run hard.

Without the effort, there is little chance the rewards will be there. 

This is a featured motivational video about once in a lifetime athlete, Heather Dorniden from the University of Minnesota at the Big 10 Championship.

Heather fell down this day, but got up and never quit!

With heart and pure will, it is the most unbelievable feat I have ever seen at this level of competition.  Truly inspired to share this as an example of the difference that desire and true will to win made!

You will walk away truly understanding that great things are possible!

I hope you enjoyed the inspirational video as much as I did.

The post is a tool to let you know that sometimes the only limitations, are the one we put on ourselves!

Let me ask you one important question while I have your attention.

Do you have the ‘heart of a champion?

Right “NOW” I am looking for new people who have true heart and desire to work in the Marketing Industry!

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Thanks for stopping by. I change my post as often as I can.

Come back again.

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