So why buy an established website?

  • It called trust rank.
  • You need to have trusted site to rank and be found by search engines.
  • Newer site takes to long for search engines to find.

Why am I sell my website – made some changes in my life and decided to retire from online marketing.

Retirement and Pensions + Lounge chair at the beach

Answer to questions I continue to receive on website sale.

I have been away for long time and basically stopped writing new website posts, selling and other. I was involved in accident and broke my neck in three places while mountain bike riding. It took a long time to get back to reasonable functionality and movement but today I am doing well.

Today I am able to do Yoga, Pilates, Weight lifting and finally back out Mountain Biking, just cautiously. Have so much to be thankful as accident could have changed my life forever.

I also have corporate job which has become my major focus which influenced my decision.

Website next steps

Change links on pages with redirects. Have programs I am no longer working.  I will do this for you to help you get traffic back to good previous levels.

Website ranking will return very quick.

Accepting offers.

Steve Schellert

(805) 630-9500

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