Network Marketer versus the Direct Marketer

Network Marketer versus the Direct Marketer

Network Marketer versus Direct Marketer both fall under Network Marketing in the sense of this post. Yet there is a big difference between the two. Network Marketing is really about relationships and communication. Basically development of one big extended family.

Direct Marketers are often Network Marketers but there is one big difference. Quite often you see the information, product or other they are selling; but you will not see a phone number to make contact. Their promotion with tell you they have cracked the code and this is the next great wave, get in now..! Probably a lot of testimonials on post how this broke person went from having no money to making $30,000 a month! Quite often there is a capture page for you to leave your information so they can send you information on how you too can make “BIG MONEY.”  They might even post a giveaway to get you to leave your information and receive information.   Ever see words like join now…., the offer is only good for 30 minutes.  I laugh when I see a post with a counter!

I need to point out that every reputable Network Marketing Program offer; will be good pretty much anytime! Every business uses specials to capture your interest and/or make it easy to try the business opportunity, but remember this, a responsible Network Marketer will always leave a phone number so you can contact them ask questions. That is your right before you spend your hard-earned money!

I always steer away from promotions where I cannot make contact by phone or email.

I see so many people who come to this industry with a dream but who do not make it. They buy program after program that promises to tell teach them the secrets on how to make money fast. The problem with many of these purchased programs is once you purchase, try to find anyone who will answer your questions or even call you back. Most Direct Marketers are information sellers. I myself have been caught purchasing program after program to make big money NOW!

I was seduced by the dream of making enough money to quit my 9 to 5 job. Having all the time I needed and to be able to travel the world. I joined opportunity after opportunity. I became an information seller in the how to market myself. I still sell information myself but it took a long time to sift through what was valuable and would truly help people learn how to enter Network Marketing and make money.

There is a need to provide information of value. People have the right to sell what they have learned. The problem is so much of the information, is the same information with just a new twist. Quite often the information is outdated and of no value! Be truly careful what you purchase or you to will spend hundreds and up to thousands of dollars trying to learn the secrets and never really make any money.

Today my thoughts have changed as I added some product back into my business.

What I truly want to share is the only way to make any real money is to have a consumable product. A product that people love of value that will result in a reorder month after month!

I steered away from products for a couple of years because I did not want to handle and distribute products.  Today my thoughts have changed. Most everything today is direct and/or auto shipped. I don’t have to worry how I will get the product to the consumer.

What I get in return from the continued reorder and purchase is; a check every month.

There are multiple programs out there. Cell phones, vitamins, cosmetics, weight loss and more! Let me point out if you can buy the same product in a store at the same price or less, you really have nothing. The product must be something that you can not purchase in the store or the very least have a better price.

Next Tip – Shop the people who are in the opportunity so you are sure these are the people you want work with. Make sure that whatever you sell you are a consumer of the product and have tried yourself.

Network Marketing is a business just like any other. It does require putting in time and sacrifice.  You will not get rich overnight but if you work hard, the money can be there.

Choose wisely because the last thing you need is another job.

It must be rewarding!

Hope you have enjoyed my post.

I also encourage you to look around, check out some of my other posts, open pages and review information to the right. I want to point out there is a must have tool “IBOSOCIAL which 100% FREE” that will help you develop new contacts and friends and expand your circle of influence fast. One of the best ways to broadcast your opportunity and review what others are doing to achieve market penetration!

One important closing note, part of my mission is to help Non-Profit causes and give back. 12 nonprofit causes to follow on twitter. We all have something to contribute and often it our contribution that makes the difference in someone’s life and the world a better place.

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Thanks for stopping by. I change my post as often as I can.

Come back again.

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