Blind Man Joke

Blind Man Joke to funny not to tell!

A blind man applies for a job at a sawmill. The owner interviewing him asks him what kind of job he is interested in. The blind man says “Inspecting wood.”

The owner truly finds this humorous and says how that is possible; you are blind…! The blind man replies; I can sniff any wood and tell you what it is!

The owner begrudgingly agrees, and gives him a piece of wood to smell, “Tell me what kind of wood this is.” The blind man plainly replies “its knotty pine.”

The owner looking surprised grabs another piece and sticks it under the blind man’s nose. The blind man quickly says “its mahogany.”

The owner thinks for a bit…… “I have one more piece for you to smell.”

The owner thinks a bit and decides he is going to throw the blind man a curve.  The owner asks his secretary quietly to take off all her cloths and lay flat on the table in the office.

He brings the blind man over to the table he sniffs and sniffs but appears confused but indicates he thinks he has an idea. The blind man looks at the owner and asks for another try.

Blind man still puzzled asks if the owner to turn the wood over…!

The man sniffs again and about after 30 seconds says he’s got. The owner smiling says can you tell me what kind of wood this is?

Blind man replies – it is the wood off a shit house door from a Tuna Boat!


Took a risk here but, hope you had a chuckle.

Steve Schellert


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