Jokes and laughter are just one of the best things to lighten your sole!  Ah, the age-old question, why do people tell silly jokes?

Jokes can put a smile on your face, make you forget about something troubling or just simple brighten your day. Jokes can also be a great tool for communication. It is a brand of silly ness that can often break down a wall. Quit often people will remember the lite hearted person that made them laugh above everyone else.

Ever had trouble connecting with someone? A joke can open up normal conversation. Once you open the door you can begin bonding.

Even the roughest of people have a soft spot.

Today I can just see people in the hallway when passing and they will begin laughing before I have said one word!


So why did I add jokes to my blog?

The answer is this! Ever been around Mr Personality? People just tend to love that fun-loving guy!

You see, if I can get you to come back week after week for more, then eventually I will have made some new friends

I would like nothing better than to put a huge smile on your face! If I can get you to grab you side, and laugh till it hurts, even better.

Benefits of Jokes

The old statement, “laughter is the best medicine” has been scientifically proven to be true. Laughter helps to release pent-up stress hormones in the body and helps with revitalizing the immune system.

Jokes help humans deal with the day-to-day pains of ordinary life without losing our minds.

Laughter causes a number of health benefits, including creating more anti-viral cells in the immune system and decreasing the levels of a stress hormone called dopamine.

Each week I will be adding new jokes!

Want to review one of my recent jokes? Hold your mouse over the JOKES tab and you will see a drop of past and new jokes.

Click on the link below, this joke is one of my favorites.

See you again soon!


Steve Schellert



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