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iLivingapp team and members can possibly be “The Next Millionaire’s”

There was a generation in the 1990’s dot-com era that saw the world differently that changed all our lives. Many were non-conformists and would not have easily fit in the structured corporate world. These groups on individuals, maybe rebels… changed the way we get information, interact and the things we all have at our fingertips we all use today. 

Imagine where the internet would be today without that group that thought differently?

How connected are you today with the world through systems and things we use daily. 

The next phase is here with mobile applications and devices. Gadgets we will all use that will connect us further. 

ilivingapp has real tools that you will not want to live without!   

Mobile applications are now and but will continue to be the next Billion Dollar industry! Estimated to be at 40 billion dollars by 2017!  I think we are going to run by and beat those figures. 

Find out how you can get plugged into the latest information, listen daily, expand your outlook, have new tools at your reach that will help you grow and become part of your life. 

I found myself sleeping for a couple of weeks until I woke up. The momentum in a couple of weeks exceeded anything that I and Inspired Living Application team could have imaged. 

ilivingapp just prelaunched April 1st and is growing fast! 

ilivingapp is a Global opportunity!


Personally have gone through all the first information, videos, articles and truly now understand the direction of this company.  What vision and depth..! 

Surrounded yourself with positive, motivational, and self-development material, creative ideas, have a library at your hands and watch how much you change within weeks! 

An open mind is a sponge…! 

If you had all the “time” and money you could ever want, would you be truly free? 

Want to change your life? 

ilivingapp has removed the barriers that would stop most people.  

Program is just $9.95 a month and could become FREE very quickly if you would share with a few people.


Steve Schellert – Independent Distributor

This platform due to demand has the potential to produce incredible income! Have been in networking for many years and I have never seen anything grow at this rate.

iLA compensation plan is structured so the masses can make money online. If money is the only reason you are here, you really missed something.   

Look deeper because the money part is the easier part of the equation..! 

Reach out and join the iLA Winning Team.

Click on the house to change your life!


Click on the house to Find Out More or Join Our Team.
See you on the best beaches of the world!


Steve Schellert




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  1. iLA, has caught the interest of many people wishing to take advantage of being able to make money and receive great value in return. Excellent blog post about iLA Steve.

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